Monday, December 18, 2017

Hourglasses, Sandbags, Potting Soil

Bramble and thickets, thorn and vine, a forest returns, through them, in time. 

A bit further afield, vacant lots and timber stands and all points between - the act of creation, or re-creation (recreation), is a bit tricky.

There’s a bit of blacktop paved into each of us, past the furrow or cobblestone - time changes everything, including everything we failed to remember. Slowly, little things, become less a part of us if we aren’t careful. Apart of us.

Everyone is creative, perhaps some were and forgot. Passing seasons, growing further into the rear view, unless we refuse to let the brush burn our treehouses in hindsight.

Creativity threatened me, there is grace on a the head of a pin or the edge of a razor.

I am clumsy.

That expectation, that I would try to fly and completely plummet. I used to get back up when I skinned a knee, or broke a dream - but it got harder. Like pavement. 

That vacant lot, the one where the lines are really worn, warning that pot holes might as lead to La Brea.

You’ve seen it.

Most often driven by, or over it, reminded of it in annoyance. The weeds are starting to choke it when they aren’t repressed, artificially overgrown. That requires tar and concrete to crack and shudder, trusting in that truism that everything returns to dust. Dirt.

If the meaning of life was a road sign, it would be pointing at Dirt. Nothing grows without it, and, making a somewhat educated guess - we all have a bit of soil in our soul. The root of every bit of tangle and weed, as we branch out, we sow our seed, and harvest what we’ve sown.

This blog is about Dirt. Or remembering to be creative.
It might be some gobbledygook about jabberwockies or an upbeat lament to sausages, like Tom Waits and Lovecraft in a shotgun ragtime band (just like Mary Shelly, just like Frankenstein). Inevitably that means weird music and macabre fiction (probably involving games with funny dice). It starts there.

One foot in shit creek, one in the briars.

Bramble and thickets.

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